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Pebble E-Paper Watch

The Pebble watch has a lower-power e-paper screen, and communicates with an iPhone or Android for heavy duty processing and extra features. The Pebble Kickstarter project has become one of the most notable of all time, completely selling the ‘hacker special’ – apparently a lot of people want hack time. A number of custom faces […]

Ring Clock

Ring Clock returns to the watch’s roots as jewelry, but puts it on the finger instead of the wrist. I’ll admit that I’m a little concerned about the exposed rings getting jarred or blocked, but it’s definitely stylish. It even gets 24-hours right.

Japanese Watches

As usual, nobody outdoes the Japanese for being unusual

inPulse Programable Watch

The inPulse is and embedded device that offers a ‘hackable’ watch. Unfortunately, it’s programmed in C (Disk Clock is in JavaScript) and doesn’t have a vector graphics API, so it’s questionable if it could support Disk Clock. Is there any interest?