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Time Remaining Display

The time-remaining was not displayed while the cursor was in the right half – the time-past was displayed instead. This is corrected in 2.4.2. This feature now has partial test coverage.

Targeted Time Display

The text time description was wrong in target mode (Ctrl key, yellow) It is fixed in 2.4.1

Save it for later

Even with the pause support, one usage model is to open the clock only when needed. However, Chrome doesn’t support the Dashboard widget preference API. I had the browser URL-based method, but that didn’t survive relaunch. I implemented HTML local storage quite easily. Only possible downside is that Chrome doesn’t provide any system support for […]

Pause for a moment

One cost of enabling full scaling was that drawing a larger image takes more time. I was especially concerned about this in the browser scenario where it is running all the time – Dashboard had events that told you when the application was being shown or hid. A little research turned up some events (blur […]

Clock not updating in Dashboard

Resolved 1.0.4: If only slow disks were shown, the clock might never update under normal dashboard use (brief views).

Continuous mouseover

Resolved: 1.0.4: Leaving the mouse over the info box (in Firefox at least) could continuously trigger mouseover events.

Outer rings not showing up in Chrome

Resolved 1.0.3: The outer rings weren’t showing up in Google Chrome.

Tick mark colors wrong

The tick mark colors can be wrong in the first quarter of the day disk. (Fixed in 1.3).

Crashes on 10.5 Leopard

Something changed in the OS X 10.5 javascript engine, and the program ‘crashes’ and doesn’t run. It appears to have something to do with scope and closures, if anybody could tell me what changed. Resolved 1.0.2: Handling of scope and closures changed in the newer versions of WebKit (OS X 10.5, Safari 3.1.1), which prevented […]

Second disk animating

Resolved: 1.0.1: The animation threshold was too low, and the second disk was animating each step.