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Disk Clock returns to the OS X Dashboard

Disk Clock version 2 is now available for the OS X Dashboard. Disk Clock returns to the platform of it’s birth. While Apple seems to have lost interest in providing a marketplace for Dashboard widgets, Macs are more popular then ever, and Dashboard still comes with every one. Throw away that crummy, confusing 12-hour clock, […]

Percent of Day

Percent of Day is a small and to the point widget.

Set Theory Clock

The Set Theory Clock is based on representing time with the fewest number of on/off indicators. I rather like it, though sometimes I want sub-minute precision. Of note, this one has a physical incarnation in Germany. There is a Set Theory Clock Widget. A variant is the Decimal Clock Widget

Binary Clocks

Binary Clocks. Many and various implementations, showing the standard 12/60 digits (and sometimes others) in binary. An example Binary-Coded Digital Calendar/Clock.


VelaClock covers some of the same ground as Disk Clock, more completely but also in a more piecemeal fashion; each type of information has it’s own display. They do include a daylight display, which I obviously approve of. Disk Clock also shows daylight, although I picked one arbitrary period of twilight rather than trying to […]

Color Clocks

Polar Clock is a flash program that shows various time periods as color arcs. The polar clock is very much in the spirit Disk Clock – revolutionizing time. When I first found I thought I might be able to save myself the trouble. But it doesn’t do it for me personally – I prefer the […]

Hexadecimal Time

Image: Wikipedia Divides the day into 16 hours (0-9 and A-F) instead of 24. This is slightly closer to the current system then decimal time. Hours are broken down in to 256 (00-FF) minutes; minutes are broken down into either 16 or 256 seconds depending on the system. Wikipedia has a brief brief but sufficient […]

Decimal Fraction

Instead of hours, there is simply the decimal fraction of a day, usually reported to 3 decimal places. Typically the system is based on a UTC like coordination, where the time is the same everywhere, and residents of each area need to know their local midnight. Days are often counted as simple linear count. An […]

The Store is Locked

Unfortunately, Apple seems to be marginalizing widgets. Submissions to the Dashboard area are failing (no updates since 2010-12-03) and the Apple web page doesn’t provide convient navigation. They are focusing on the Mac App Store, which doesn’t appear to allow Dashboard Widgets, just full fledged applications. I’m not so sure a full application is good […]

Ten-Hour Systems

Image: Wikipedia Probably the most notable system is French Revolutionary Time. A day has ten hours, each with 100 mintues, each with 100 seconds. Another version is the Metric Clock Widget.