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Binary Clocks

Binary Clocks. Many and various implementations, showing the standard 12/60 digits (and sometimes others) in binary. An example Binary-Coded Digital Calendar/Clock.

Fractal Clock

The Fractal Clock is a laudable attempt to revolutionize time. Unfortunately I find it hard to read because of the different directions; a lack of indicator markers doesn’t help. The intro mode is quite nice, however, given the strangeness of the concept.

Dreamcatcher Clock

The Dreamcatcher clock‘s second hand draws colorful lines, and erases them once minute.


VelaClock covers some of the same ground as Disk Clock, more completely but also in a more piecemeal fashion; each type of information has it’s own display. They do include a daylight display, which I obviously approve of. Disk Clock also shows daylight, although I picked one arbitrary period of twilight rather than trying to […]

Realities:united Massive Digital Ceiling Clock

Realities:united provides room lighting by a pair of 7-segment displays, showing the minutes part. Found via Information Aesthetics, whose entry on the ceiling clock includes the time-lapse video.

Mechanized Sundials

The Bulbdial Clock rotates lights around a central pole, to create shadow hands. The comments on this lead me to… The Annosphere is a sort of artificial-sun dial which moves the dial rather than the light (which, really, is a more accurate simulation.) it also has a year disk to track the constellations and months.

Ambient Clock

The data junkies at Ambient Devices wrapped twelve hours of Google Calendar around a clock face. Especially novel is the way Ambient Clock displays the travel time based on a Google Maps estimate of the travel distance.

Last Clock

Last Clock uses a ring arrangement like Disk Clock, but moves the hands. The main novelty is that each hand is drawn using a live video feed. I might prefer a 24 hour version, but the day/night difference on the hour hand is quite distinct.

Color Clocks

Polar Clock is a flash program that shows various time periods as color arcs. The polar clock is very much in the spirit Disk Clock – revolutionizing time. When I first found I thought I might be able to save myself the trouble. But it doesn’t do it for me personally – I prefer the […]