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XKCD world projection clock

XKCD: Now provides a 24-hour frame with times marked as “buisiness hours” or “rude to call” A south-pole projection with countries labeled near the edge rotates in the center.

The Sasa Clock

The Sasa Clock by Thórunn Árnadóttir. This innovative clock tells time by way of five-minute beads. Though not in every variation, it can bought from Destes online with a full twenty-four hour string, color coded for night and day. It even doubles as a necklace, if you don’t mind looking up the time to replace […]

Ring Clock

Ring Clock returns to the watch’s roots as jewelry, but puts it on the finger instead of the wrist. I’ll admit that I’m a little concerned about the exposed rings getting jarred or blocked, but it’s definitely stylish. It even gets 24-hours right.

The Present

The Present is a Kickstarter project to create a physical clock that represents and entire year with graduations between four colors. I rather the color choices – if only the face rotated. Scott Thrift is a fellow time revolutionary (and a much more successful one)


VertiClock is tantalizing close to Disk Clock – but it only does hours, and only 12 at that.


Timeline is another one that made me reconsider the necessity of Disk Clock. But the single color is kind of boring, and the flying seconds are kind of distracting.

Percent of Day

Percent of Day is a small and to the point widget.

Analog Bargraph Clock

The Analog Bargraph Clock has a few conceptual similarities to Disk Clock – one indicator per unit – but not nearly as pretty.

Pie Clock

Pie Clock shows 24/60/60 as growing wedges.

Set Theory Clock

The Set Theory Clock is based on representing time with the fewest number of on/off indicators. I rather like it, though sometimes I want sub-minute precision. Of note, this one has a physical incarnation in Germany. There is a Set Theory Clock Widget. A variant is the Decimal Clock Widget