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Chrome Apocalypse Averted

Disk Clock chrome apps are now published in manifest version 2, so they will continue to work in upcoming versions. It was also possible to publish Disk Century and Disk Lifetime

Disk Calendar now in Chrome Web Store

Moon Disk is now available in the Chrome Web Store. Disk Clock takes the idea of clock and turns it inside-out by moving the faces instead of the hand. Disk Calendar extends the time period to week, moon, and year. This is a calendar of sorts, built on natural cycles. Since the regular pace of […]

Moon Disk Now in the Chrome Web Store

Moon Disk is now available in the Chrome Web Store. Like Day Disk, the moon disk provides a simple, single-purpose view of a natural cycle. One small note – the actual lunar cycle can vary by as much as fourteen hours, while the Moon Disk keeps a constant pace.

Disk Clock Now in the Chrome Web Store

Full Disk Clock is now available in the Chrome Web Store. Like Day Disk, Disk Clock features 24-hour time with accurate daylight indications. It also adds disks for 4-hour, 1-hour, and 15-minutes, making it more practical for day to day use.

Save it for later

Even with the pause support, one usage model is to open the clock only when needed. However, Chrome doesn’t support the Dashboard widget preference API. I had the browser URL-based method, but that didn’t survive relaunch. I implemented HTML local storage quite easily. Only possible downside is that Chrome doesn’t provide any system support for […]

Pause for a moment

One cost of enabling full scaling was that drawing a larger image takes more time. I was especially concerned about this in the browser scenario where it is running all the time – Dashboard had events that told you when the application was being shown or hid. A little research turned up some events (blur […]

Disk Clock in Chrome Web Store

Disk Clock version 2 is now available as a Chrome App in the Chrome Web Store, starting with the free Day Disk.

Sun and Moon

Disk Clock has been a labor of love. I’ve had a donate button out for some time – and have yet to earn a cent from it. I created some single-disk clocks (Day and Moon) to offer as free samples, with the multi-disk clocks being sold by some means, starting with the Chrome App Store, […]

Operating at Scale

Disk Clock is now fully scalable. The core code was made resolution independent long ago, but there was still the matter of static CSS and other measurements. Appropriate factors are now being calculated dynamically (and recalculated on resize) Large sizes cause the CPU fan to spin up, but by and large it works pretty well. […]

The Store is Locked

Unfortunately, Apple seems to be marginalizing widgets. Submissions to the Dashboard area are failing (no updates since 2010-12-03) and the Apple web page doesn’t provide convient navigation. They are focusing on the Mac App Store, which doesn’t appear to allow Dashboard Widgets, just full fledged applications. I’m not so sure a full application is good […]