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Wondrous times systems – binary, decimal, hexadecimal, and more which I’ve run across in the process of making Disk Clock. They are either in the program, or may find their way in at some later date.

Death Clock

Death Clock provides a countdown of seconds until your death, based on a few health-related questions If you’re up to editing the html file, Disk Clock can show the time until you turn 80, but the time of death isn’t yet customizable.

Long Count

Disk Clock has disk sets for both the apocalyptic 13-baktun, and the 20-backtun. The Long Count is another mesoamerican calendar. It was used for recording large scale events that extended beyond the 52-year cycle. It was based on ‘digits’ of 20, with one 18 to make the lower two digits approximate a year. There are […]


Disk Clock shows the Tzolk’in, and I think it’s a rather nice way to view the interlocking cycles. The mesoamerican cultures had a fascinating calendar system based on interlocking cycles of 13 and 20. (Tzolk’in to the Maya, Tonalpohualli to the Aztec, and probably other names to other cultures.) Unfortunately, this only accounts for 260 […]

Living Calendar

Living Calendar is constructed like a standard dial-and-hands clock, with two scales for days of the year and week. The year dial includes the things you’d expect from a calendar – holidays and other events.

Japanese Watches

As usual, nobody outdoes the Japanese for being unusual


VertiClock is tantalizing close to Disk Clock – but it only does hours, and only 12 at that.


Timeline is another one that made me reconsider the necessity of Disk Clock. But the single color is kind of boring, and the flying seconds are kind of distracting.

Percent of Day

Percent of Day is a small and to the point widget.

Analog Bargraph Clock

The Analog Bargraph Clock has a few conceptual similarities to Disk Clock – one indicator per unit – but not nearly as pretty.

Pie Clock

Pie Clock shows 24/60/60 as growing wedges.