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Wondrous times systems – binary, decimal, hexadecimal, and more which I’ve run across in the process of making Disk Clock. They are either in the program, or may find their way in at some later date.

XKCD world projection clock

XKCD: Now provides a 24-hour frame with times marked as “buisiness hours” or “rude to call” A south-pole projection with countries labeled near the edge rotates in the center.


TrueTyme provides a graphical representation of the sun and moon, with an emphasis on the effects of the diurnal cycle and other natural cycles on mood and even weight. It packs a lot of features into it’s android app (web demo also available), including a tutorial and multiple display modes. Despite it’s focus on natural […]

The Present Received

The Present has shipped and arrived.

Partly Cloudy Weather App

Partly Cloud has a website with an obnoxious animated header, but thankfully the same design sense has not infected the app. The iPhone app uses the clock face primarily for showing weather, but they also work in daylight hours. Unfortunately they still use a fixed fixed clock face, and some of it is hidden by […]

Pebble E-Paper Watch

The Pebble watch has a lower-power e-paper screen, and communicates with an iPhone or Android for heavy duty processing and extra features. The Pebble Kickstarter project has become one of the most notable of all time, completely selling the ‘hacker special’ – apparently a lot of people want hack time. A number of custom faces […]

The Sasa Clock

The Sasa Clock by Thórunn Árnadóttir. This innovative clock tells time by way of five-minute beads. Though not in every variation, it can bought from Destes online with a full twenty-four hour string, color coded for night and day. It even doubles as a necklace, if you don’t mind looking up the time to replace […]

Ring Clock

Ring Clock returns to the watch’s roots as jewelry, but puts it on the finger instead of the wrist. I’ll admit that I’m a little concerned about the exposed rings getting jarred or blocked, but it’s definitely stylish. It even gets 24-hours right.

The Hanke-Henry Calendar

The Hanke-Henry calendar attempts to align the year so that a particular date is always on the same day of the week. It does this by slightly reducing the length of the year. Rather than a leap year adding a day every four years, it adds an entire week every five or six years in […]

The Present

The Present is a Kickstarter project to create a physical clock that represents and entire year with graduations between four colors. I rather the color choices – if only the face rotated. Scott Thrift is a fellow time revolutionary (and a much more successful one)


Aelios is an iPad app that provides a nicely rendered 24-hour clock. Sadly it still uses fixed face and moving hand. it has an especially nice interface for setting location, and offers world weather forecasts around the dial. Such data augmentation has always been interesting possibility for disk clock, not yet realized. Would you find […]