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Development updates, which may or may not correspond to released versions.

Disk Clock latest 1.4

Jumped back to the last branch before I got off on the parsing tangent. Fixed the Chrome problem in DC-latest, implemented the time-unit dsl, and cherry-picked a few bug fixes to the debug logging system made on the parsing branch.

Google Chrome

Disk Clock weathered the introduction of Google Chrome fairly well, although the outer rings were not getting drawn. I’ve issued a patch release 1.0.3 for use on the web site and sites using the widget in a web page. Further development on the latest branch got caught in a semi-major project.

Disk Clock latest 1.3

I’ve been preoccupied with the martial arts test for the last few months. That’s finally over as of last weekend. Prior to that, my paid employment was getting all panicky (which might be coming back for a minor repeat performance shortly, when we finally get some viable hardware to work on.) In any case, I’ve […]

Disk Clock 1.0.2

Patch release to support OS X 10.5/Safari 3.1.1. Something in the newer WebKit builds changed scope/closure behavior. For the time being, it’s just avoiding the problem pattern; I haven’t taken time to investigate yet. I’m thinking of creating a gallery of unusual bugs, however ;^) Special thanks to Pete Ware for notifying me of the […]

Disk Clock latest 1.2

A very minor release, it just allows me to do key triggered screenshots, which is mainly for my own use. Most of the time was spent fleshing out the gallery of unusual time.

Disk Clock latest 1.1

Continued development by implementing a screenshot feature and posting an animated gif on the website.

Disk Clock 1.0.1

Increased the animation threshold to prevent the second disk from animating each tick.

Disk Clock 1.0

Fixed a minor issue with showing ‘undefined’ instead of ‘hours’ for the day disk, and otherwise managed to leave it alone. Updated the website, including moving the download section up, adding a live demo.

Disk Clock 0.13

Fixed backwards time bugs. Implemented a bit of Hungarian Notation in the process. Implemented random, backwards, and accelerated time to test the above. Renamed a few files. Fixed backwards time bugs Implemented backwards and accelerated time for testing purposes (hacker feature) Implemented random time jumps (as above) Corrected AM/PM on 12-hour disk

Disk Clock 0.12

Fairly minor changes. Switched to the full-name logo, tweaked the solar noon marker, and a pinch of in-place help. I want to use it for at least a week, but I’m generally considering this a 1.0 candidate. Meanwhile, I finally updated to reflect the CGD move. Back on I switched the color scheme, […]