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Development updates, which may or may not correspond to released versions.

Disk Clock latest 2.0

The first stage of the massive Disk Clock refactoring project is complete. Features and disks have been slowly coalesced and excised into separate files. The change is so thorough I’m starting to call it 2.0, even though it isn’t a publicized release. This implies that the public release will be some 2.n, but so it […]

Disk Clock latest 1.13

Opera finally fixed their scaled-arc rendering, so Disk Clock now has basic function as an Opera 10 widget. This involved fixing some other Opera related issues. Differentiated some colors. Fixed daylight colors for distant time zones.

Disk Clock latest 1.12

Animation tweaking, getting rid of invisible things, more css based properties. Now uses url parameters, so it’s possible to bookmark configurations when using it in the browser.

Disk Clock latest 1.11

Expanded JSON to HTML to allows classes, ids, and attributes. Brought in some QUnit to test it. Used new capabilities to expose previously hidden settings in DC, including the lifetime/birthday disk set. Tweaked animation function back towards original fast-to-slow.

Disk Clock latest 1.10

Reinvented modes of configuration and interaction. Smoothed out transitions. Put a wrapper around subclassing. Short release, since further progress depends on piercing the dense cloud of Javascript unit testing frameworks.

Disk Clock latest 1.9

Fixed a negative-radius bug exposed by Safari 4 beta, and then carried on into abstracting over the widget platform. Now has fallback buttons if not running on OS X. Changed default settings to do less animation and switching.

Disk Clock latest 1.8

Internal refactoring and recentered indicator.

Disk Clock 1.0.4

Disk Clock latest 1.7, and Disk Clock stable 1.0.4 With the disks set to longer term disks – week, moon, year – it didn’t update until the mouse passed over it. With faster disks, a regular update comes along and sets things in motion. Since this won’t always happen, I had to trigger the time […]

Disk Clock latest 1.6

Started late in the weekend, so it carried into the week, which I’m otherwise trying not to do. Implemented new disks based on acupuncture/dim mak theory. Made a lot changes in color handling. Added new mode for bedtime and made it default. Fixed a bug with new animation system that prevented the one sub-second disk […]

Disk Clock latest 1.5

A very restrained update – martial arts seminar on Sunday and lot of other things Saturday, including a walk in the park (yay, weather forecasts for dodging deadly-cold.) Attempted to fix animation pops yet again, and dropped the file size by removing an image.