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Development updates, which may or may not correspond to released versions.

Solar Year Disk is now available.

Solar Year Disk is available as a Chrome Web App from the Chrome Web Store, or Dashboard Widget directly from Computer Generated Dreams. Disk Clock takes the idea of clock and turns it inside-out by moving the faces instead of the hand. The Solar Year Disk beautifully presents the turn of the seasons. Note that […]

Disk Clock returns to the OS X Dashboard

Disk Clock version 2 is now available for the OS X Dashboard. Disk Clock returns to the platform of it’s birth. While Apple seems to have lost interest in providing a marketplace for Dashboard widgets, Macs are more popular then ever, and Dashboard still comes with every one. Throw away that crummy, confusing 12-hour clock, […]

Speech Disk

Since I’ve started working on Toastmasters, I tried making a speech timer disk. There are great number of speech timers out there (I like this speech timer so far), but besides playing with my own toy, I wanted a bit more resolution on the early practice runs so I had better feedback for adjusting things.

Sun and Moon

Disk Clock has been a labor of love. I’ve had a donate button out for some time – and have yet to earn a cent from it. I created some single-disk clocks (Day and Moon) to offer as free samples, with the multi-disk clocks being sold by some means, starting with the Chrome App Store, […]

Operating at Scale

Disk Clock is now fully scalable. The core code was made resolution independent long ago, but there was still the matter of static CSS and other measurements. Appropriate factors are now being calculated dynamically (and recalculated on resize) Large sizes cause the CPU fan to spin up, but by and large it works pretty well. […]

Separate Icons

Thus far, the individual clock widgets have had the same old icon. They now have individualized icons built from screen captures.

Unblemished Moon Phases

A small change I’ve toyed with for some time is getting rid of the marker lines on the moon disk. Perhaps it was just my clumsy art, but it seemed a little jarring. Given that I’m not simulating all the physics involved and it can be off by about fourteen hours, precise marks seem kind […]

The Store is Locked

Unfortunately, Apple seems to be marginalizing widgets. Submissions to the Dashboard area are failing (no updates since 2010-12-03) and the Apple web page doesn’t provide convient navigation. They are focusing on the Mac App Store, which doesn’t appear to allow Dashboard Widgets, just full fledged applications. I’m not so sure a full application is good […]


More progress on Disk Clock 2. By this point I’ve mapped out the file and plugin dependencies and built configurations for each set. I’ve always been concerned that that the configurability of Disk Clock broke the complexity barrier for a dashboard widget. I now have a crude build system packing up the necessary set of […]


Disk Clock now has it’s own web site. This is the first stage of re-awakening the project – it’s a new age where apps and widgets and are more popular than ever. This means putting the final touches on Disk Clock 2 and repackaging it in simple, dedicated widgets instead of one many-armed beast.