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Screenshot images out of date

Some of the screenshots are out of date; I don’t want to spend too much time on image manipulation when things are in flux. Check the image title text (appears on hover in most browsers) for version numbers. 2001-03-30: Screenshots have been updated. In case of future drift, check the image title text (appears on […]

Glassy look

Added in 1.3

Opening animation is choppy in Dashboard

When adding a new instance of the widget, the opening animation is choppy. I suspect that Dashboard’s ripple effect is to blame. I added a one second delay; it needs to be more like three to get smooth animation, but that is too long to wait. Resolved 0.9: Hold the CGD logo for a few […]

Need to update default graphic

Resolved 0.9: Default graphic is the CGD logo; the clock is always changing so no image of it would really work.

Need to update icon

Resolved 0.9: Icon has been updated

Flicker while hovering

Resolved 0.7: The worst of the flicker when hovering between disks in Dashboard is fixed. Dashboard will send mousemove events much faster than other browsers, so I throttled the screen-redraw rate.

Changed spelling to Tzolk'in

Resolved 0.7

Friday is blue

Friday is blue. Wikipedia says Friday is light blue, but every other internet site on the subject disagrees. I may have to see about fixing them.

Week and month names

Resolved 0.7: Weeks and psuedo-months are named.

Disk set names in Firefox

Disk set names don’t appear in the select boxes in Firefox (at least). Resolved 0.7: Disk set names now appear in the select boxes in Firefox (at least).