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Description of day disk is undefined

Resolved 1.0: The description for the day disk was ‘undefined’ instead of ‘hour’.

AM/PM description wrong

AM/PM description was wrong on 12-hour disk.

Key commands documented

Resolved 0.12: The key commands (ALT/CRTL/SHIFT) are now documented; a quick reference appears when the mouse is over the widget but not over a disk. Press shift while entering or leaving the widget to run the disk animation effects in slow-mo. Press control to switch out of ‘hover’ mode. Press alt to read the description […]

Dashboard window is bouncy

Resolved 0.11: The window will only grow (and not shrink afterwards) to account for the description box, which should make it a little less bouncy.

Daylight savings time

Resolved 0.11: Daylight savings time handling is much more graceful.

Color correction on the 4-hour disk

Color correction on the 4-hour disks; it seems that unlike red and blue, the html color ‘green’ is dark green, so I was doing the gradient with the wrong color. The hour disk was adjusted also.

Auto show checkbox

Looks like auto-show is here to stay, so it needs a checkbox. Resolved 0.11: Auto-show now has a checkbox.

Moon phase inaccurate

Moon phase can vary by over half a day, so the moon disk isn’t accurate. It isn’t even aligned with the average point right now. Resolved 0.11: It is now aligned with the average point, however. Getting perfectly accurate will probably involve translating Perl:Astro:MoonPhase to javascript.

Package is now named "Disk Clock"

Resolved 0.9: Package is now named “Disk Clock”; the contraction of “Disc Clock” to DisClock never really got very far, though it’s still convenient for some space-adverse filenames

Debug message

Accidentally left a debug message in, which caused an alert dialog when starting the program in a web browser.