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Timed screen capture

1.1: Support for timed screen capture, used to create the animated gif on the main page. It only works in Mozilla based browsers and enabling it requires modifying the Javascript file. It’s not really a user feature.

Second disk animating

Resolved: 1.0.1: The animation threshold was too low, and the second disk was animating each step.

Description of day disk is undefined

Resolved 1.0: The description for the day disk was ‘undefined’ instead of ‘hour’.

AM/PM description wrong

AM/PM description was wrong on 12-hour disk.

Key commands documented

Resolved 0.12: The key commands (ALT/CRTL/SHIFT) are now documented; a quick reference appears when the mouse is over the widget but not over a disk. Press shift while entering or leaving the widget to run the disk animation effects in slow-mo. Press control to switch out of ‘hover’ mode. Press alt to read the description […]

Unix epoch should be signed

Unix epoch disk is for all practical purposes 31 bits unsigned; it should be 31 bits signed.

Dashboard window is bouncy

Resolved 0.11: The window will only grow (and not shrink afterwards) to account for the description box, which should make it a little less bouncy.

Daylight savings time

Resolved 0.11: Daylight savings time handling is much more graceful.

Color correction on the 4-hour disk

Color correction on the 4-hour disks; it seems that unlike red and blue, the html color ‘green’ is dark green, so I was doing the gradient with the wrong color. The hour disk was adjusted also.

Auto show checkbox

Looks like auto-show is here to stay, so it needs a checkbox. Resolved 0.11: Auto-show now has a checkbox.