It’s Daylight Crazy Time

Screenshot: Disk Daylight Savings (2.7)

Disk Clock takes the idea of clock and turns it inside-out by moving the faces instead of the hand. Daylight crazy time regularly turns us inside with shifting schedules. Disk Daylight Savings graphically shows the times of year when you need to be looking at the nearest Sunday to change your clocks. The color shows the degree if misalignment between the clocks and solar noon, changing from a sunny yellow when it’s well aligned, to red when things are out of whack – with a noticeable shift when the clocks get skewed.

The daylight crazy information comes from your computer’s clock – it only operates in the computer’s local time. Getting good solar alignment requires that the latitude and longitude be set – otherwise everything will go red.

Disk Daylight Savings is available as a Dashboard Widget, or a live Web App directly from this site.