Happy Birthday: Disk Lifetime

Screenshot: Disk Century (2.6)

It’s my birthday – and I’m giving you a present. Track your own birthday with Disk Lifetime.

Disk Clock takes the idea of clock and turns it inside-out by moving the faces instead of the hand. Solar year broadens the horizon to encompass a full year. Disk Lifetime puts time on an intensely personal scale. While none of us knows when we’ll leave this life, Disk Lifetime presents a reasonable guess – one lifetime, four generations, and eighty birthdays, set against the tropical zodiac. Stop for a moment to consider where you’ve been in life, where you’re going, and how you are going to use the precious birthdays you have left.

Disk Lifetime is available as a Dashboard Widget, or a live Web App directly from this site. (Chrome has introduced breaking changes and isn’t allowing new apps into the webstore.)