Web App of the Century

Web App

Disk Clock has always been built on web technologies, although the canvas tag was specific to Safari until recent years. It is now available as a set of Web Apps here on diskclock.com The web apps support “cache manifests”, allowing them to be used offline by supported browsers – included smartphones with intermittent coverage.

The latest version (2.6.2) also cuts out the opening scale-up animation, which was more troublesome in the open-close applications available by the web format.

Disk Century

Screenshot: Disk Century (2.6)

Disk Century is available as a Dashboard Widget, or a live Web App directly from this site. (Chrome has introduced breaking changes and isn’t allowing new apps into the webstore.)

Disk Clock takes the idea of clock and turns it inside-out by moving the faces instead of the hand. Solar year broadens the horizon to encompass a full year. Disk Century takes it even further, to a span longer than a typical human life. The units of measure are years and decades rather than minutes and hours. To even see the outer disks move takes great patience. And yet, when you do, it becomes possible to truly appreciated the passage of time.