Mesoamerican Long Count Clock Now Available

Disk Long Count is available as a Chrome Web App from the Chrome Web Store, or Dashboard Widget directly from Computer Generated Dreams.

Disk Clock takes the idea of clock and turns it inside-out by moving the faces instead of the hand. Disk Long Count reinterprets the mesoamerican long count calendar (20 baktuns), shown as interlocking faces moving against a steady hand.

Six interlocking disks show off the cyclical nature of the long count.

1. Pictun (20 baktuns)
2. Baktun (20 katuns)
3. Katun (20 tuns)
4. Tun (18 uinals)
5. Uinal (20 kins)
6. Kin (a day)

Note: compare this to the “2012-12-21″ version, with 13 baktuns in the last cycle.