Disk Clock returns to the OS X Dashboard

Disk Clock version 2 is now available for the OS X Dashboard.

Disk Clock returns to the platform of it’s birth. While Apple seems to have lost interest in providing a marketplace for Dashboard widgets, Macs are more popular then ever, and Dashboard still comes with every one. Throw away that crummy, confusing 12-hour clock, and use a revolutionary, beautiful timepiece.

Version 2 split “Disk Clock” into multiple different widgets. Rather than having to flip to the back and configure multiple intersecting disk sets, each widget has only one set of disks. If you want multiple levels of detail, simply install multiple widgets. The freed up space on the backside allows certain clocks to expose settings that weren’t available previously, such as configuring the bedtime overlay.

Take a look at the available Dashboard Widgets. (If you don’t see a favorite face, be patient. And let us know what you miss.)

For Chrome, version 2.5 has some internal restructuring, smaller code, and less visible seams between color wedges.