Disk Clock 1.0.4

Disk Clock latest 1.7, and Disk Clock stable 1.0.4

With the disks set to longer term disks – week, moon, year – it didn’t update until the mouse passed over it. With faster disks, a regular update comes along and sets things in motion. Since this won’t always happen, I had to trigger the time event early on dashboard show.

Firefox has peculiarity that the hidden input element will sometimes flash a highlight box when updating. While working on the update issue, I noticed this flickering rapidly while cursor was sitting still. It was only occurring over the text box. This box is re-created from freshly minted HTML on updates. Perhaps due to the above fix, the creation of new elements was triggering the mouseover event – which triggered a refresh of the text box and started the cycle all over again. I’m now caching the HTML and not updating the box if there is no change.

DC Latest also has the beginnings of internal refactoring, with an eye towards 2.0.